How New Jersey train stations are becoming gambling hubs

Train stations are normally bustling centers within a community, full of people rushing about their daily lives. They’re often packed full of coffee shops and cafes, overpriced gift shops and interesting musicians who sing to make a living.


There’s always something going on at a station, no matter which part of the world you live in.


An interesting trend that’s arising lately is train stations becoming hubs for gambling and sports betting. This is especially true in regards to the New Jersey train stations and New York gambling crowd, as highlighted by this Time article.


This uptake in gambling and betting in train stations in New Jersey can be linked to the Garden State’s acceptance of gambling as a whole. Online gambling was legalized in 2013, and online sports betting was legalized recently in 2018. The regulations in this state allow for gamblers to play more confidently, and for companies to monitor their platforms more efficiently.


The gambling world in New Jersey has been growing and growing. This can be linked to the newly legalized sports betting sites bringing in new people to the gaming world. Suddenly, people who may never have gambled before are downloading sports betting mobile applications and signing up for online casino games.


How train stations are becoming gambling hubs


One way that gambling ties into the commuter culture in New Jersey is through mobile gaming and betting. These fresh, up-to-date digital platforms are immensely popular with workers who are killing time while waiting for their train to arrive.


This is actually one of the main reasons why online gaming is becoming so popular. To put it plainly, it’s really convenient. People don’t have to trek to their local casino or betting shop to game anymore. They can simply download an app on their mobile or tablet, get onto their train and enjoy their favorite game on the go.


Additionally, the train stations in this area are often covered in adverts for mobile gaming and gambling platforms. The focus on flashy marketing and advertising campaigns has been a huge point of discussion within the gambling world, as most gaming providers seem to opt for spending a good chunk of their revenue on advertising and bringing in new customers.


Interestingly, a large portion of the New Jersey gambling hubs and applications seem to get a lot of their clientele from New York. These two gambling scenes are almost completely interwoven with each other, and this is partly due to the emphasis on gambling in public transport areas that connect these two locations.


A good example of a company taking advantage of this in practice is Flutter Entertainment Plc’s FanDuel, which is based in New Jersey. This local industry giant has declared that over 20% of their bettors and customers are based in New York.


To make the most of this, Flutter Entertainment has been offering a bus shuttle from New York’s Port Authority bus station, directly to their New Jersey location at the Meadowlands racetrack. This is a fantastic example of companies researching their target audience, determining specific needs and making the most of the resources that they have.


On the flipside, in-person gambling is just as prevalent in New Jersey stations too. This is due to the popularity of sports bars and pubs that are located near public transport hotspots.


A great example of a sports bar making the most of the gambling scene in New Jersey is Texas Arizona. This sports bar is run by Julio Carrasco, who notes that they have a very varied and unique clientele base who visit the bar.


They get representatives from sports betting companies who like to promote their services in the bar. Often, sports betting companies will host events and games in bars such as these, to help attract new customers and to bring back old customers to the platform.


Additionally, Julio notes that they get gamblers coming in from all across New Jersey and New York. Commuters often come in from New York to meet up with friends or to grab a drink by themselves, and they often gamble while they’re at it. Sports bars can be some of the most lively and enjoyable places to get involved with the betting scene.


Generally speaking, it’s great to see this hub of activity in the gambling community. Due to the online gambling world being more heavily regulated and protected, it’s easier than ever for people to enjoy playing their favorite games safely on their daily commutes.

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